Thursday, June 30, 2011

around the corner- a journey

I started this blog a little over a year and a half ago. The Blog Around the Corner has been a place where I can share my heart, my desires, my interests and details of my small (but happy) life. It has been a record of my marriage, of recipes I've tried, of fashions I'm interested in, of places I've been with friends, of my weight goals and struggles, and of my spiritual journey. Thank you for joining me on my journey to be a better Christian, a better wife, a better friend and a better writer.

remember my Christmas meltdown?
  I said a few things and he said he wasn't going to put up with that and I said I'm sorry can you please just hold me I haven't gotten any sleep and I'm cramping and I just need you to be supportive and he said BUT I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW and I said THIS IS THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER 

or when I quit my job?
And the worst part of it was the mom had offered me a chocolate from her Valentines Russell Stover's right before the tears started, so as I'm crying I'm taking tiny bites of my truffle. I didn't even get to savor it.

the prayers God answered?
This time last year I had very few friends in town who had time to spend w/ me, I was discontent and frustrated with our home and we were going to a church that we liked but we weren't meeting people and had little desire to get involved.

the first time I opened up about my weight gain?
I hated not being able to hide it. For a long time I refused to buy new clothes because I didn't want to be accepting a body that I didn't want. 

when I threw my first party?
Somehow I managed to get the whole house sparkling (minus our bedroom) and prepare for the party in barely a day's time. AND I didn't cough or blow my nose once during the party.

when my husband told me that I suck?
-- I'm not giving you a teaser for this one. You'll just have to read it. --

when I shared 93 things about myself?
dust, semi-trucks, High Fructose Corn Syrup

when I thought Andy would be disappointed in me?
I was extremely distraught over the phone and had it in my head that Andy was more concerned with me making money than with me caring for him, the home and others.

thanks for reading, friends (and family). you bless me.

me- December 2009, when I started this blog
(not at my heaviest, but getting there)
me - June 2011


  1. Thank you for your blog! I love it! You have a way of share in a way that allows readers completely able to relate, but still leaves them a little curious of the rest of the story.....Thank you for you

  2. You have the most charming blog and I think you are a lovely person. I started reading it awhile ago and I don't think I've missed a single entry. :) Thanks for the inspiration, recipes and the laughs!

  3. so proud of you! Your blog is always so sweet and honest; a delight to read!


thanks for reading!