Friday, June 18, 2010

answers to prayers

God has been busy working in my life (andy's too). This time last year I had very few friends in town who had time to spend w/ me, I was discontent and frustrated with our home and we were going to a church that we liked but we weren't meeting people and had little desire to get involved. I prayed send me friends. Remind me of how great this house is. Convict me to be more diligent in cleaning and to find pleasure in it. Help us find a church home where we receive solid teaching, fellowship and a passion for serving.

God is so faithful.

I have incredible new(ish) friends in my life. The selfish attitude of "why am I not getting attention?" is changing into an attitude of "how can I give others attention?"

I have received a new attitude about our house as well. We're in a new house, which I LOVE because I really let myself go loose on decorating and had fun with it. I recognized that the feeling of overwhelming..ness.. over silly things like laundry and dishes and dog hair and dust and that will take SO much time to clean was completely ridiculous and guess what Mom, it really DOES only take a few minutes to hang my clothes up instead of tossing them on the dresser! It only took me twenty-three years to figure it out!

We started going back to Aletheia after two years of church-hopping and while we know no church is perfect, we have found such truth and love there, in the teaching and in the people. We're learning new things and reading new things and now when we're arguing we are better equipped on how to respond to one another in love, how to turn the conflict around and forgive each other quickly and move on and forget.

So rare are my posts about my faith, and it didn't really bother me until lately. I wanted this blog to be light-hearted and fun and bring my readers pleasure. I didn't want to turn away readers. That was stupid. My faith is me, and I don't want to ever hide that.

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  1. I wrote an article about Aletheia years ago! I'm glad you like it. I'm not a big into church person, but I really liked talking with them for my story.


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