Tuesday, June 5, 2012

calling all advice givers

We leave Frederick tomorrow night to sleep at my parents house before our early flight to Hawaii on Thursday morning. That means I have roughly two days to finish shopping and packing and I am about to lose my mind over here! We're taking two carry ons and checking one bag, and I can't forget to leave some room for Kona coffee and other souvenirs. Also, this is the first time I'm traveling with my camera (and my new macro lens), so, yeah, my heart is pounding.

Help me, please?

1. What shouldn't I pack?
2. What should I pack that I maybe haven't thought of?
3. BOOKS! I need more books to bring! What should I read? What should Andy read?
4. Am I crazy for not taking this opportunity to buy a new beach bag? I think I threw Grandma's out in the move...
5. How do I fit everything? I know to roll clothes - any other tips?

This is only the beginning...

sun hat, polarized glasses, light scarf for my hair, a few of the tops I'm bringing, maxi dress for the luau, shorts, walking shoes, belts, books, tankini, water shoes... sandals not pictured cuz I was wearing them...


  1. We packed our camera in a camera bag that went inside Sean's backpack as his carry-on. Don't check it!! For day-to-day, I carried the camera and two lenses in my crossbody bag <a godsend for travel.

    I rolled my clothes, and stashed shoes in the top pocket on my suitcase. If you have a Kindle, that can be a big space-saver re: books. I read Stephanie Nielsen's "Heaven is Here," which was so good, but kind of dark to read on a plane ride!

    Don't forget a dress for a nice nighttime dinner! I'm not good at giving advice on what not to pack...i pack everything like a crazy person.


  2. Bring more than one swimsuit. cover-up. Sunscreen. beach towels. You don't need a different outfit for every day. crossword puzzle book? cards. money!(everything is expensive) be sure to make/pack your own "first aid kit" with upset stomach meds. pain pills, and the like. You can wear your hat on the plane, etc. If there is a Walmart on your island.... it's the best place for souvenirs. Bring a re-usable shopping bag.
    Have fun! I know you will.
    Mrs. P


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