Wednesday, December 1, 2010

oh hey

Andy's brother showed up to Thanksgiving dinner wearing a white t-shirt that he had written on w/ pen: "%@#& Toothpicks" (except he used a word instead of symbols), which means my brother in law read my blog. 

I got to spend Friday and Saturday at our family's cabin w/ our co-owners and their two kids (Steven was my best guy friend growing up and I will always think of Joanna will always as a little sister), and we drove around the lake and climbed rocks and played pool and all of a sudden we were kids again- building forts and naming groups of rocks- and we were teenagers again- learning how to drive on the gravel roads and blasting The Wallflowers with the sunroof open and our hands out the windows making waves in the wind- and I felt more alive in those moments than I ever have in my life. 

I completed a crossword puzzle for the first time AND I finally taught myself to sleep on my back, which means I can pretty much conquer anything now.

AND, to top it all off...I discovered Photo Booth on my mac. Where have I been? I know. It's sad.

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