Friday, December 31, 2010

flashback friday: to margo and sean on their wedding day

I have absolutely zero recollection of writing this, but the title says I wrote it for my dear friends Margo and Sean. I was 16 when they got married, so I must have been 16 when I wrote this. 

To Margo and Sean on their wedding day:

Here we stand, hand in hand
I can’t believe this day is finally here
And through all our laughter and our tears
I have a thousands words to say
But only three will do

I’ve waited for oh so long
To find the one
God has planned for me
And nothing else can compare
With the life that we’re about to share
There are a thousand words to say
But only three will do
Baby, I love you

There will never be another face
That matches up to yours
We’ve come so far and won the race
I couldn’t ask for more
And though there are a thousand words
That I could say to you
There are only three that will do
Baby, I love you

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  1. Oh my gosh, Laura, I don't think I ever got this, but it is beautiful! I love it! I loved the relationship we had for a bit there, you sort of filling in as my little sister and me sort of filling in as your older sister. You are an amazing woman and I'm glad we're friends. :) Thank you. - Margo


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