Monday, August 13, 2012

GIVEAWAY - win a free *custom* ring from Sparkling Creations!

UPDATE: The winner is James Oates! Thanks to all who entered!
Capri Blue Crystal
I'm so thrilled to share with you the gorgeous jewelry handcrafted by my friend Stephani Moore, creator of Sparkling Creations. Stephani works at Massanutten Resort by day, but by night she's brainstorming new designs, filling orders from her Etsy site and prepping for upcoming craft fairs. Not only does she run her own business, she also owns a hedgehog. How cool is she?

From now until midnight you can enter to win a custom made wire-wrapped ring. Stephani has beads in every color and will communicate with the winner about the ring size.

HOW TO WIN: Comment on this blog post OR on the link to this post from Facebook and tell me what your ring pick would be.  *Guys - you can enter to win a ring for your lady - just comment "HEDGEHOG!" (Remember, you can request a color not shown on the site and if Stephani has it, she'll use it. You can pick silver or copper for the band.) I will pool the comments and randomly pick a winner. The winner will be announced tomorrow and I will then put the winner in touch with Stephani so they can get their custom ring!

I bought the Capri Blue ring (pictured above) last winter and have received tons of compliments about it. If I were entering, I'd pick one of these two. They're both stunning!

Jet Crystal
Tiger Eye Gemstone

Be sure to check out the other types of jewelry Stephani makes! How gorgeous is this bracelet?


  1. How to choose?! I would pick either purple velvet with copper (JMU DUUUUUUUUUKES) or emerald with silver wire!

  2. umm...i'll take one of each, please! :) i love them! i like the pearl, tanzanite, emerald, and blue zircon. and i can't decide on if i'd want copper or silver.

  3. Ohh so fun! I love the purple velvet and amethyst rings! You're super talented Stephani!

  4. I think the Ruby Crystal Wire Wrapped Ring is pretty sweet!!! Stephanie makes such pretty jewelry!!

  5. My favorite is the cream crystal pearl copper one. SO pretty!

  6. My favorite is the Jet Crystal one you have posted....or maybe the Ruby Crystal one...hmmm

  7. oh I remember when we were just wee fledgling friends, and your wire wrap ring caught my eye. girl got style (and talented friends!).
    I think I'd go for the pearl & copper -- reminds me of a little nest egg!
    stephani, say hi to luna for me!

  8. Sterling silver wire with a pearl!!! :D What a classic look! I love the etsy site!

  9. Emerald wrapped in silver!!! Love! -Bethany

  10. so hard to choose they're all beautiful! probably the sterling silver with the jet crystal or the sterling silver with purple :)

  11. I'd pick sterling silver with a pearl :)



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