Thursday, February 16, 2012

the married couple's Valentine's Day

Andy didn't rush home from work on Valentine's Day to toss rose petals over our bed and place a sparkling diamond necklace against my pillow. I wasn't apron-clad, peeking into the stove to check the temperature of a perfectly crisp roasted chicken. My legs weren't even shaved. (TMI?)

No, on the evening of Valentine's Day I was parked on the couch savoring a piece of chocolate cheesecake I had bought for myself. Andy was in Maryland and had been there since Sunday night, and I was waiting for him to come home. When he called to say he was an hour away I moved to kitchen and stared at the leftover Mexican lasagna we had in the fridge, feeling guilty that I hadn't made something new. I cut out a heart-shaped piece of lasagna, tidied up the downstairs, made a handmade Valentine, put on deodorant and waited some more.

My guy was exhausted when he came in the door. He smiled at his heart-shaped dinner and then devoured it. We exchanged cards and watched "The Voice" until Andy's eyes couldn't stay open. We fell asleep, feet entwined.


  1. Hey Laura, it's been awhile!
    Occasionally I'll catch up with your blog posts and I must say, I especially loved this one!! The heart-shaped piece, bahaha. Love it. I had a similar VDay with my man, pizza and choco covered strawberries at home :)

    Anyway, I enjoy your writing, you are very talented missy! Talk to you soon.

  2. haha love it! We went to a JMU basketball game with Zeke... we didnt do cards. We'd just end up throwing them away anyway :-D


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