Wednesday, January 18, 2012

game night

I'm hosting game night for my Bible study girls on Monday, and I'm curious - what are your favorite group games?

Mine are:

(if you can't see me, I'm Balderdash and I'm awesome)

yeah I like games. my friend Annie reminded me of the crazy fun game of Kemps, which I haven't played in years. My brother and I have the best agreeing signal everrr. I also enjoy a good game of pinochle - the game that I avoided for sixteen or so years of my life. My family played practically every Sunday when I was growing up. I read books on the couch and they played pinochle. Now I'm the pinochle master. :) Not really. (But yea.)

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  1. Ohhh! This post is SO right up my alley! Love all those games PLUS "Who, What, Where" and that game you taught us at the beach.. "Screw your Neighbor"... I think? And of course, I love the family card games: "Progressive Rummy" and "Setback". I also enjoy "Fishbowl".


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