Tuesday, March 22, 2011

dinner in 10 minutes

shrimp over pasta with a light cream sauce

1 package cooked unpeeled shrimp
box of angel hair pasta
philadelphia cooking creme in Italian Cheese & Herb
salt, pepper, Italian seasoning

boil water while you unpeel the shrimp. chop into pieces if desired. cook the angel hair pasta for 2-3 minutes, until tender, drain and return to pot. keep the pot of pasta on a burner of medium-low heat. toss a tablespoon or two of cooking creme with pasta until coated, add salt, pepper and Italian seasoning to taste, then add shrimp and stir until shrimp is no longer cold. serve with salad or steamed vegetables.

the cooking creme was really good! I thought the dish tasted better with added seasoning, but I was still pleasantly surprised with the flavor.


  1. I've been curious about the cooking creme! it seems like a good option for me because Sean hates cream and the only time I get to use it is in very small doses when he's not around.

  2. you should definitely try it out! it's gooood.


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