Sunday, May 13, 2012

weekending v.10

This weekend and next are the busy bookends to an equally busy week. On Friday I scuttled about the house preparing for Sam, our first overnight guest. We were all looking forward to her visit - Grandma included.

On Saturday Sam and I explored the farmer's market and snuggled with two kittens that were free for the taking. They were hard to leave behind!

I managed to resist the yummy looking pastries offered at the market b/c I knew we were going to have a filling lunch. I took Sam to Cafe Nola, where I lunched w/ Holly during my first downtown experience.

Sam ordered the quinoa risotto topped with beets and roasted tomato and I ordered the eggplant tempura sandwich with sweet potato fries. Both of our meals were extremely rich. Delicious, but rich. After browsing some shops we pulled a Rennie date and got coffee, played games and walked along the creek.

Carroll Creek Park

buds :)
And then I got pooped on. I didn't really know what to do so I just laughed and asked Sam to help me get it out. She worked magic with a tissue and some hand sanitizer - she's a good friend all right! I was sad for her to leave. Come back soon, girlfran!

Today I'm back to scuttling - this time to prep for my trip to Kentucky tomorrow. I haven't gotten face to face girl time w/ my best friend in nearly a year and a half! I'll get back Friday evening and then on Saturday we get this little nugget all to ourselves while her parents are at a wedding.

I'm going to be too busy gabbing with Laurel and kissing baby cheeks to blog, so I'll see ya'll next Sunday for weekending v.11!


  1. Is that really your grandma? What an awesome painting!! Your house is coming together so well!

  2. it is! she passed away last August. I love love love it.

  3. I give the Rennie B&B 5 stars! what a great getaway. :)


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