Tuesday, January 8, 2013

faithful in prayer

erica reyna design

Early last fall I was getting restless with my job as a nanny and I prayed countless prayers that God would send another job my way. I loved the family dearly, but I didn't love the feeling that I was moving backwards.

Nothing happened (for a while). I would hear of jobs that sounded right up my alley only to discover that I'd have a two-hour commute each day. I filled out the paperwork to become a substitute teacher, but heard that the hiring process could take months. I didn't know what to do but pray.

Then, in a matter of weeks, I became a substitute teacher and a freelance writer for Ibelieve.com. These two new jobs have blessed me greatly. I had no idea I would love substitute teaching as much as I do. (Nannying was great preparation!) I come home exhausted but happy. Freelancing has also been wonderful. Getting paid to write about my faith is a dream come true!

If you are struggling with discontentment in any area of your life, I encourage you to go before God and ask Him to change your attitude and your circumstances.

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  1. Hi Laura!
    Came across your blog when I was googling my name and noticed you used one of my designs. :) It made me smile so much! I'm happy it blessed you. I just read your post and have to say thank you so much for being vulnerable about your journey. I am in a transition period right now and needing so much direction from God in regards to the job area. I love to draw and write about Jesus as well and often wonder how it will all fit together! Anyways, thanks for sharing your story. Here is my email : ericalynn.reyna@gmail.com if you wanted to stay in touch.



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